A Race to Facial Recognition, pt. 1

Ducklips module coming soon
My R-Pi rockin’ a selfie

A colleague and I have received our raspberry pi camera modules, and have begun a race to facial recognition.  Because, why not?

First steps first, was to follow the guide on the raspberry pi website to get the camera up and working.  The photo seen above was taken using the raspistill command.

My natural candidate for this type of project is OpenCV.  As this is more a proof of concept than anything else, I’m going to use the python OpenCV bindings for ease of coding.  So far, it appears OpenCV will not “see” the r-pi camera natively, as there is no V4L driver for it yet.  As such, my steps will be as follows:

  1. Record a video file with the raspi camera
  2. Get OpenCV reading the video file
  3. Get OpenCV recognizing faces
  4. Get OpenCV recognizing the camera “natively” – hopefully someone will have a V4L driver written by then
  5. Call it a day

Steps taken so far to install software:

  1. Follow instructions on raspberry pi website to get the camera working
  2. sudo apt-get install python-opencv

Now that I’ve laid out my roadmap and installed the necessary software, stay tuned for pt.2 when I start doing some actual coding!